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Monthly Archives: March 2010

the Team

We wanted to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Here’s the basics.

Nicolas Cadou is a senior developer.  He has a wide range of technical skills including sysadmin-ing, but he has a special interest in developing interfaces – which is great for us.  Nicolas is a rural man at heart, but recently moved into the city and seems to be enjoying it on the rare occasions when he’s not either at work or with his family.  You can find out a bit more about him through his blog.  He doesn’t update it often but that’s a good thing when we’re trying to develop and launch a new service.

Yannick Gingras is also a senior developer.  He has over ten years of experience programing, has designed and developed web services and managed teams, and is very engaged with local Python community (a web programming language).  Besides being very good at his job, he’s a stellar home-brewer.  His last creation was a chocolate stout with vanilla.  It was stupendous. He also wants me to tell you that he surfs.

Daniel Drouet is Ajah’s built-in startup coach.  He co-founded Montreal Start Up, a early-stage venture capital fund that only invests in web and mobile businesses.  Important for Ajah, he also knows about the ups and downs of non-profit life through his involvement with Ile sans fil as an key volunteer and then as president of the board.  Among other things, he’s currently working starting up another non-profit which has the goal of promoting entrepreneurship in Québec.

My name is Michael Lenczner.  I’ve done a bunch of different things, but for the most part I’ve been in the non-profit sector.  My non-profit experiences include starting computer courses at a school for teenage mothers, volunteering as a facilitator, trainer and board member for three years at a sexual assault center, working in international development in West Africa with Oxfam, co-founding a community wireless organization and still serving on it’s board, and serving on the board of Apathy is Boring / L’apathie c’est plate, a bilingual organization promoting democratic engagement among young Canadians. I’m also on the board of COCo, a capacity-building organization supporting anglophone and ethnocultural non-profits across Québec.

This is our first project together.

We’re really looking forward to finishing development of Ajah so that we can start sharing it with Canadian organizations.

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Introducing ourselves

We thought it was time to say hello.  We’re a small team located in Montreal and we’re working hard on developing a new online service to help Canadian non-profits.  It’s called Ajah.

We’ll introduce the team in the next few posts, but we wanted you to know that this is a project grounded in working experience of the non-profit sector.  We’re really looking forward to using our technical abilities to address some problems for the non-profit sector.

We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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