In today’s post, we take a look at how Canadian Heritage department grants have been distributed across the country in recent years

About the Department

The Canadian Heritage department is responsible for national policies and programs that promote Canadian identity, stimulate cultural involvement, active citizenship and participation in Canada’s civic life, and strengthen connections among Canadians. One of the Department’s main activities is funding organizations involved in promoting culture, identity and sport for Canadians. This represents approximately 80% of its total budget and amounted to over $757 million in grants in 2011.

Distribution of Grants across Canada

We’ve created an interactive visualization which maps the distribution of Canadian Heritage grants across the country over the past six years and created two charts that take into consideration the population in each province to obtain per capita grant amounts. The data can be obtained from the “disclosure of grant and contribution awards page” on Heritage Canada’s website for all grants and contributions exceeding $25,000 as part of the federal government’s Proactive Disclosure policy. Play around and have a look at where Canadian Heritage grant money is going!

We now include provincial population, as in the graphs below, to illustrate the per capita distribution of funding dollars for 2011. Ontario is home to 38% of Canada’s population and receives 59% of Canadian Heritage grant funds. However, this represents approximately $0.03 per person, which is on the lower end of per capita grant allocation. Provincial funding ranged from less than $0.01 per person in the Northwest Territories, to nearly $0.13 per person in Nova Scotia.

More Information on Funding Opportunities

To find out more about Canadian Heritage funding opportunities, you can sign up for a Free Fundtracker Trial account or  consult the appropriate page on the department of Canadian Heritage’s website:

  • For Arts and Cultural Industries click here.
  • Funding related to Heritage Objects and Spaces can be found here.
  • For Holiday, Celebration and Commemoration funding click here.
  • For funding related to Exchanges, Jobs, and Studies click here.
  • For Cultural Diversity and Rights click here.
  • Funding opportunities related to official languages can be found here.
  • Sport related funding opportunities click here.