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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Canadian Charities & Social Media

One of the highlights of the AFP Congress 2012 in Toronto last week were the great sessions about charities and social media, and one was of particular interest. Julie Fiorini – Director of Digital Marketing at Stephen Thomas – gave an interesting talk called, “An Inside Look at How Canadian Charities Use Social Media” which built on data that we gathered for the agency earlier this year.

You can see a summary of their findings in Julie’s article in Hilborn’s How Canadian charities use social media.

Africa for Norway

Have you seen the Africa for Norway video yet? It’s a viral video that’s exploded in popularity on the web since Thursday – YouTube reports that it has been viewed over 1.2 million times!

Created by The Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund the video pokes fun at unfair representations of Africa by international aid agencies and the media. Instead of Norwegians sending money to poor starving Africans, Africa for Norway flips the idea of the “hit charity single” around by asking Africans to send their radiators to poor freezing Norwegians. It’s pretty funny.

The debate surrounding charitable-sector representations of Africa has continued for years, particularly since the hit singles Do They Know It’s Christmas? and We Are The World were released almost 30 years ago.

In fact, many – if not most – international aid organizations have carefully thought-out policies regarding the ways in which individuals are represented in ad campaigns. To a great extent the practices being satirized by the Radi-Aid video have already been relegated to the dustbin of history… at least among professionals in the international aid sector.

At the same time, the campaign has clearly touched a nerve. Does this mean that the public feels that improvements are still possible – or simply that lots of people simply find the concept hilarious? In any case, an increase in the public awareness of these issues can’t be a bad thing.

And so…

Grants to Get Your Community Growing

This week our research team found three interesting funding opportunities to highlight: one corporate, one government and one from a foundation. What do they have in common? They all support engaging and strengthening community in different parts of Canada or across the North America.

If your organization happens to be based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, you are in luck! Thunder Bay Hydro is offering donations or sponsorships to organizations promoting safety, energy education, the environment or community based initiatives in Thunder Bay. And if your organization is not a registered charity, you could still be eligible for a sponsorship. Applications must be made by mid-December.

The province of Alberta has a new initiative to encourage every Albertan to be a philanthropist. The Community Spirit Program  is set up so that the more money you raise from individuals in the community, the more the province will give your organization. The maximum grant is $25,000 or $50,000 over three years. The deadline to apply is December 31st.

Porticus is foundation working across Canada and the United States. Their aim is to support the faith life of the Catholic Church and community outreach to the marginalized or disadvantaged. Their areas of interest include faith and church, education and civil society/social care. Keep in mind that Porticus only accepts invited applications. Be sure to submit a proposal letter which, if successful, will lead to an invitation to apply. December 31st is the deadline to send a proposal letter.

Good luck and happy grant writing!

Les Gagnants!

Ajah est fière d’avoir été partenaire de la soirée Leviers du Congrès du ROCAJQ 2012 et d’avoir commandité le prix dans la catégorie collaboration. Félicitations à Caroline Guérard, qui a remporté ce prix pour son travail avec l’organisme, Refuge la Piaule du Centre du Québec.

Caroline Guérard de Refuge la Piaule du Centre du Québec

Félicitations aussi à Manon Harvey et Anne Charpentier, qui ont remporté ce prix pour son travail avec l’organisme, En Marge 12-17.

Michael et Mathieu avec Manon Harvey et Anne Charpentier de En Marge 12-17, Montréal

Et aussi à Michel St-Gelais, qui a remporté ce prix pour son travail avec l’organisme, Service de Travail de Rue de Chicoutimi.

Service de travail de rue de Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Michel St-Gelais

Our Bags are Packed!

Both Michaels (Lenczner and Boyle), Daniel and Trish will all be waking up bright and early Monday morning and hopping on a plane. They are heading to this year’s AFP congress in Toronto.

AFP is the Association for Fundraising Professionals. Congress is an annual opportunity for fundraisers across Canada to get to know one another and talk about what is happening in their field. The theme is Collaboration: Limitless Together!

This is the second year in a row that we will have a booth at congress. Drop by for a free demonstration or leave your business card and sign up for our newsletter to be entered in a draw to win some artisanal chocolate and champagne!

We’ll be at booth number 205 so come say hi!

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Employment Grants – Are You Hiring?

Our research team found these two fantastic opportunities for nonprofits to employ the staff they need. We know that it isn’t always easy to get funding for staff, so hopefully one of these grants will help your organization find the right people for the job.

Fondation Béati is offering funding for nonprofit organizations in Quebec to pay their staff. One of its grants is reserved for providing salaries for nonprofit organizations with a social service or religious focus. Last year, the maximum grant was $24,000. Take a look at the specifics on their website; the deadline for applications is December 15th.

The second grant from is from Agriculture Canada’s Career Focus Program. They are offering funding to hire recent agriculture graduates for an internship of 4 to 12 months that will provide the graduate with significant experience. Farm businesses, nonprofit organizations, industry or government organizations are all welcome to apply. Submit your proposal by December 31st.

Good luck and happy grant writing!

National Philanthropy Day

National Philanthropy Day is a great time to talk about Canadians’ achievements in philanthropy. It’s also the perfect reason to get out there and give back to your community.

Through our partnership with GIV3, we’ve seen it that takes philanthropy really seriously. GIV3 wants to motivate  Canadians to give more. Their goal is for all charities to have enough funding and that is something we can really get behind.

GIV3 doesn’t accept donations. They aren’t raising money for anything. Their aim is to teach people how to make giving a habit and they want you to support any charity you choose. We thought this video was pretty cool. It’s about how the founder of GIV3 learned about giving from his granny!

So, since it’s National Philanthropy Day, take the GIV3 pledge to volunteer a little more time, give a little more money and encourage your friends to join you!

Major Upgrades to Fundtracker!

We are very happy to announce that we have launched just launched the most ambitious upgrade to Fundtracker since it was first released in 2010. The new features are available today to all Fundtracker and Fundtracker PRO subscribers.

We’ve prepared individual blog posts about each of three new features:

  • Profile Freshness – each profile is now date-stamped so you know you’re seeing the most up-to-date information available.
  • Awarded Government Grants – We’ve always had the most complete database of government grants on the market; now we’re matching grants with the charities they are funding.
  • Complex searches – Power users have asked for more advanced search tools – now they have them.
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New Feature: Profile Freshness

One of new features in Fundtracker is called Profile Freshness. The concept is simple: every profile in Fundtracker now features an information box including two dates:

  1. the date changes were last made to a profile
  2. the date the information in a profile was last checked for accuracy.

Profiles in Fundtracker are updated on an ongoing basis as we automatically gather new data – Profile Freshness will help all Fundtracker subscribers know that profiles are up to date.

Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate what this new feature looks like (the red box highlights the Profile Freshness feature).

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New Feature: Awarded Government Grants

Today we’re announcing a Fundtracker upgrade that marks a significant step forward in the quality and breadth of funding information that is available to grant seeking charities in Canada: Awarded Government Grants.

Fundtracker has always featured comprehensive coverage of Federal and provincial grant programs targeted at non-profits and charities. Our “Search for Funding” feature covers almost 800 grant programs – which is to say our users can access more government granting programs with Fundtracker than any other reference tool in Canada. So far we’ve gathered 36,000 individual grants totalling over $33 billion in funding to Canadian charities!

What’s new is that government grant program profiles will now include detailed information about which organizations have received funding. Plus, awarded grants that have been received by charities will now appear alongside foundation funding on each charity’s profile page. This will give Fundtracker users a much deeper picture of which organizations are being funded by which government programs.

We’ve prepared a couple of screenshots to demonstrate.

Here’s the profile of the Trillium Future Fund’s profile page. The awarded grants are highlighted with the red outline (click on the image to see a full-size version).

This is the profile page for the Seizure & Brain Injury Centre in Timmins, ON. Again, the Government grants it has received are highlighted with a red outline (Click on the image to see a full-size version).

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