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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Grants from Community Foundations

Our research team found great funding opportunities from some community foundations this week. As you can see from these grants, a community foundation generally has a very specific geographic focus, but a fairly broad mission within that area.

The following grants are all from communities in Ontario. But don’t worry, there are community foundations across Canada. These are just a few that have upcoming deadlines. You can check out the community foundations near you on Fundtracker.

Sudbury Community Foundation is open for the first round of applications to their community grant program. The foundation focuses on nonprofit projects in the Greater Sudbury Area and prefers projects that are focused on prevention, inclusivity, sustainability, and citizen involvement. Applications are accepted on or before March 1st.

Kenora Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation accepts proposals twice a year and the February deadline is coming up.  Grants are available to local nonprofits that work in community services, health and wellness, social welfare, the environment or arts and culture. Apply by February 28th.

The Aylmer Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the Aylmer area. If your oganization’s work falls within that broad definition, the foundation considers proposals from nonprofits for projects as well as capital purchases. Applications are accepted year round and the next review date will be March 1st.

Good luck and happy grantwriting!

Grants for Arts Lovers and Tree Huggers

One member of Ajah’s research team is working remotely from India for the next little while. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a vacation for everybody. The team is still hard at work and even though she’s overseas, Bhavya passed on these great funding opportunities for artists and environmentalists.

Calling All Warhols
Fans of  Andy Warhol should check out this grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation. Though primarily focused on American nonprofits, funding is available to international organizations for curation, artist residencies, arts writing and work that promotes the rights, health and welfare of artists. Apply by March 1st. Canadian applicants must send a letter of inquiry in advance.

First Nations, Inuit and Metis Musicians
Canada Council for the Arts is offering support for indigenous artists. Single event performance travel on an ongoing basis as long as applications are made in advance of travel. There is also support for projects that advance the professional skills of indigenous musicians, strengthen organizations or help to restore, preserve and promote indigenous music. Apply by March 1st.

Branch Out
Evergreen has three grant programs with deadlines coming up. Schools can apply to the Toyota-Evergreen grant for planting trees on school property, community groups can partner with Evergreen to improve the green space in their communities and organizations can apply for the Walmart-Evergreen grant for restoration and stewardship. Apply by March 1st.

First Time Fishing?
Fondation de la Faun of Quebec is offering a grant aimed at getting young ones outdoors and teaching them about the environment through sport fishing. The grant is available to conservation groups, school groups and wildlife organizations. The deadline is March 10th but the foundation recommends contacting a project co-ordinator before submitting an application.

Good luck and happy grant writing!

Social (Ad)Ventures

The Brits have been shaking things up across the pond and some Canadian provinces have decided to follow suit and develop their own legal frameworks for social entrepreneurship.

Recently, BC and Nova Scotia have passed legislation similar to the UK model of the Community Interest Company or CIC. The goal is to create a new kind of nonprofit/for-profit hybrid so that doors are open to private investors while ensuring that the benefit and assets of the company stay public. If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at Charity Village’s great article about these changes.

British Colombia

Finance Statutes Amendment Act – Launching this spring, Canada’s west coast a social enterprise will be known as a Community Contribution Company or 3C. Since the project is still new policy makers are still undecided as to whether profits will be limited either by a cap or maximum percentage when it comes to dividends and asset sharing.

Nova Scotia

Community Social Interest Companies Act – Soon Nova Scotians will be able to combine good deeds with good investments. Nova Scotia has decided to follow the UK model more closely, using the same name, Community Interest Company or CIC, and a profit cap instead of percentage.


Not-for-Profit Corporations Act – This legislation will be coming into effect in July of 2013 giving Ontarians the opportunity to create Public Benefit Corporations. Public Benefit Corporations will be similar to 3Cs and CICs with greater freedom to generate income than a nonprofit and restrictions on the distribution of a corporation’s property.

What does this mean for foundation funding?

It seems that most foundations look for traditional non-profit status when considering grant recipients, but these changes are quite recent. Foundations will need time to decide what kinds of organizations can qualify for grants.

That said, there are already some innovative grants for youth in Social Enterprises, from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and enp-BC.

Ashoka, a not-for-profit organization from the United States has been leading the way in funding and support for social entrepreneurs. They offer three year fellowships including living stipends so that social entrepreneurs can focus on developing their project.

With the many possibilities that these structures are opening up, it is an exciting time to be a non-profit or a foundation.

Grants from the East

Eastern Canada seems to have all the grants that are coming up these days. Our researchers found these fantastic opportunities this week.

The Government of Nova Scotia will be accepting applications for these two programs up until February 15th.

Youth, Arts and Community Cultural Development
First up they have a grant for youth. The program goals for this grant are artistic and community cultural development. The level of funding is usually no more than $5,000. Nonprofits working with youth under 25 in the arts or with projects to strengthen Nova Scotia’s cultural community can take a look at the details here.

Communities Culture and Heritage
Next, the Government of Nova Scotia is offering a grant for Communities, Culture and Heritage. This grant supports individuals at all levels of artistic involvement and supports festivals, events, workshops and artistic projects. The department can contribute up $5,000 and no more than 50% of the program costs. Organizations with cultural and heritage projects can take a look at the application online.

Outside of Nova Scotia, the Alva Foundation is looking to support some good work.

Research and Services for Early Childhood Development
This grant is technically for all of Canada but the focus is on the Eastern Townships in Quebec, as well as Montreal and Toronto. The Alva Foundation is interested in research and pilot projects for preventative approaches to healthy early childhood development. Letters of inquiry must be submitted before a full proposal. The deadline for letters of inquiry is February 22nd, so take a look.