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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Opportunity Watch: Funding the fight against cancer

It’s a busy time of the year for those working to raise awareness for cancer.  On May 31st, the World Health Organization is organizing World No Tobacco Day while June 2nd is set aside for National Cancer Survivors Day. The Canadian Dermatology Association marks Sun Awareness Week from June 3rd to 9th this year, aiming to educate the public on skin cancers and offering free skin cancer screening clinics across the country.  This week, we’re doing our part by sharing funding opportunities specifically for organizations that are working in the area of cancer research, support, prevention and awareness.

Safeway stores give at the local, regional and national levels.  Additional grants may also be available through the Canada Safeway Foundation, which funds programs and initiatives that support breast and prostate cancer research and awareness.   A detailed application form is available online.  Registered charities in the BC, Prairies and Ontario communities where Safeway stores are located may apply year round.

The CIBC defines their giving strategy as “Kids, Cures and Community“.  In addition to their partnership with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for the CIBC Run for the Cure, they also fund organizations that support those living with cancer through programs, services and equipment as well as research into prevention, early detection and treatment.  Their primary focus is breast, pediatric and prostate cancers.  Read the detailed information on their website and then apply online.  Applications are reviewed year round.

OpenText Corporation, based in Waterloo, Ontario, has seven offices throughout Canada.  They support registered charities working in the areas of cancer research and other illnesses with devastating effects to children and families.  Visit their website for more information and the online application form.  They review applications year round and aim to respond within three months.

This is a quick sample of some of the funding opportunities you can find in Fundtracker. If you’re not already using Fundtracker, give us a call today at 1-888-406-2524 to book a free demonstration.  We’ll show you just how easy it is to raise more money for your organization by identifying new foundation, corporate and government prospects using Fundtracker, the largest and most up-to-date research tool available today.






Six simple tips for stewardship success!

Stewardship is an important part of the fundraising cycle but one that is also frequently overlooked.  It’s easy to get caught up in the cultivation cycle and forget prospects once they have moved to the “confirmed” list – but remember that stewardship is simply cultivating current or previous donors for their next gift.

Here are a few tips to remember when it comes to stewarding your current grantors or donors.

  • Send your thanks: Following the receipt of a funding decision (positive or negative) it’s always a good idea to thank the funder for their time and consideration. This could be in the form of a card, an email, or a personalized note you add in the margins of your letter of acceptance.
  • Build a relationship: when appropriate, invite funders to events, add them to your e-newsletter mailing list or send them your annual report.  It’s important for funders to know your organization as a whole, in addition to the specific project that you have received funding for.   Be selective.  You want them to be interested in your organization but you don’t want to inundate them either.
  • Communicate milestones:  While you don’t need to be in constant contact (who has time for that!), you do want to communicate important milestones and let them know from time to time about the impact their grant is having on your organization or the particular project.
  • Reporting: this should be laid out in your original application or discussed during the decision process.  It’s crucial that you report back to the funder on how their grant was used (especially if you intend to apply for another grant).   Be creative.  Consider including a quote from a user, a drawing for a child or a photo of your volunteers at work (make sure you get releases first!). Make sure you report honestly as funders will verify your claims and review the promises you made on your original application.
  • Mistakes happen, projects fail.  If that happens, tell the grantor immediately.  Be honest about what happened and work with the grantor for a solution that suits all.  Do not assume it’s the end of the partnership.
  • Re-apply: it’s always easier to re-apply for a grant if you’ve successfully completed your first project with a grantor.  Check with the funder for the deadlines and make sure to indicate your intention of applying again.

Good luck!

Opportunity Watch: Mental Health Awareness

National Schizophrenia and Psychosis Awareness Day will be marked across Canada tomorrow, May 24th.   We thought we would do our part to raise awareness of schizophrenia, psychosis and all mental health issues by focusing today’s Opportunity Watch in that area.  While not necessarily specific to schizophrenia, these funders are interested in supporting mental health initiatives and projects.

Bell is one of the larger funders in the mental health arena.  Their Let’s Talk initiative was announced in 2010, and includes multi-year commitments to mental health initiatives across Canada and an annual day of action to raise awareness.   The Let’s Talk Community Fund provides grants from $5,000 to $50,000 to organizations, hospitals and agencies that support mental health initiatives across Canada.  Visit their website in January 2014 for the next round of funding.

The Echo Foundation, formerly the EJLB Foundation, offers mental health grants for organizations located either in Montreal or Toronto and which provide frontline services to improve the quality of life of persons suffering from mental health problems.  Eligible projects include include drop-in centres, residential facilities, reinsertion programs, family support services and pilot projects with the potential of promoting better care and services to vulnerable persons with serious and persistent mental health problems. Applications are reviewed quarterly.  Visit their website for a full list of documents to include with your letter of intent.

The Fondation Carmand Normand has an interest in funding projects that support mental health, addiction and suicide prevention in Quebec’s adolescents.  Applications are reviewed quarterly and must include the application form.

This is just a small selection of the over 300 funders in Fundtracker that support the mental health of Canadians.  Call us today at 1-888-406-2524 for a personalized demonstration and we’ll show you how easy it is to bring your prospect research efforts to the next level.




Opportunity Watch: Grants that support the environment

Spring has definitely sprung, so we decided to share some upcoming grants that support the great outdoors.

Formerly known as the EJLB Foundation, the Echo Foundation offers environmental grants to charities located in Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.   Priority is given for the protection of natural areas of ecological importance, as well as to the greening of the urban landscape. The Foundation awarded over $1.2 million in environmental grants in 2012.  Applications are reviewed quarterly; consult the website for details on what to include in your application.

Created in 1968, the Kenneth M. Molson Foundation provides project funding to organizations working in the areas of wildlife research, conservation and habitat.  While the majority of their donations have been to organizations in Ontario, they have provided funding across Canada and grant amounts have ranged from $500 to over $100,000, depending on the project.  Consult the website for a full list of requirements and apply before September 30th.

The TD Friends of the Environment Fund was created by TD Canada Trust in 1990.  Since its inception, it has provided more than $60 million in grants for over 20,000 projects! Some of the many areas they fund include energy conservation, environment research & education, tree plantings and habitat restoration.  Registered charities from across the country may apply and applications are reviewed by one of eight Regional Advisory Boards. The online application form must be submitted before July 15th, with decisions made public in October.

That’s it for now!  Wherever you are in Canada, we hope you’re enjoying some beautiful weather!



New in Fundtracker: $5.7 Billion in Government Grants from British Columbia and Alberta!

We are very excited to announce that almost 150,000 government grants worth $5.7 billion have been added to Fundtracker with our most recent upgrade.

Fundtracker already included previously awarded grants made by the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, which helped non-profits in those provinces quickly identify programs under which they might be eligible for funding.   The new addition to our database specifically relates to grants made to non-profits through government programs in British Columbia and Alberta.

Fundtracker users in British Columbia are now able to streamline their research efforts by accessing historical information on 61,000 provincial grants, worth $1.7 billion and distributed to 15,800 organizations, while those in Alberta will be able to consult 88,500 provincial grants, worth about $4 billion and distributed to 24,000 organizations.

As always, whenever possible, we have linked the grants to the recipient charity, providing you with a full picture of the funding map and allowing you to find funders by reviewing organizations with missions similar to yours.

Fundtracker users in the four most populated Canadian provinces are able to easily search provincial government sources of funding and quickly identify programs under which they might qualify, as well as review government funding received by charities similar to their own.

The screen shot below details a sample search for a government funding program.  On this search, we have applied filters to exclude federal programs and indicated that we were looking for funding for the British Columbia Social Services (General) sector.

Click to enlarge image

The first program listed is the Community Gaming Grant.  Their record from Fundtracker is detailed in a screen shot below:

click to enlarge image


As we mentioned previously, we’ve linked grants made to the recipient charities whenever possible.  Clicking on the link for one of those recipients brings you directly to their record – enabling you to see who their government, corporate and foundation funders are.  For example, the Abbotsford Learning Plus Society received $8,000 in 2011 under the Community Gaming Grant program but also received funds from foundations, fundraising activities, memberships and sales:


click to enlarge image

Rather than searching for funders, you can also perform a search for non-profits who have received government funding, applying filters by sector, keyword or province (or any combination of the three).  You can then sort the list in several formats.  This can help you identify organizations with missions similar to yours that have received funding under government funding programs.  In the screen shot below, we have searched for charities in the Arts Sector (including all sub-sectors), located in British Columbia, and who have at least one government funder.  If you work for an Arts organization in BC, you now have a list of 275 organizations in that province have received at least one grant under a government funding program.  Reviewing these organizations and the programs they received funding under may help you identify new sources of funding for your own organization.

click to enlarge image


The Fundtracker team is happy to be supporting your research efforts through our innovative use and presentation of data.  We will continue to look for new ways to make you more efficient and help you raise more money.


Opportunity Watch: Grants that support people

Our research team is so good we sometimes forget that they’re people and not machines.  In this week’s Opportunity Watch, we’re sharing some grants that support organizations serving specific populations.  And yes, these opportunities were all identified by our great researchers.

The Canadian 99s promote women in aviation through several different programs, including the Canadian Award in Aviation, which was created in 1974.  They support air cadets, as well as community groups, aviation museums and preservation efforts.  Applications should be submitted by mail no later than August 31st.

The Weyerhauser Company operates in four Canadian provinces and supports communities where they have at least 50 employees working and living. Priorities for each community are defined at the local level but must fall within four focus areas: affordable housing and shelter (including helping homeless families get into permanent housing), education and youth development, environmental stewardship and human services, civic and cultural growth (including supporting the health and well-being of vulnerable populations and responding to local disasters).  Registered Canadian charities should apply no later than August 1.

Based in Quebec, l’Oeuvre Léger supports families in need, street youth and the elderly in that province, as well as international projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa.   Projects must have a measurable impact upon the community and the Foundation will not fund more than 40% of a project’s total budget.   Consult their website for a full list of the documentation required and apply before July 1st.

Recognized as one of Alberta’s Top 50 Employers, First Calgary Financial is the province’s second-largest credit union.  Their Knowledge Builders Grant Program offers grants of up to $2,500 to support the internal learning needs of registered non-profits.  Calgary-area organizations that would benefit from training in leadership, planning, teamwork or organizational development should apply no later than July 3rd.

Want to see for yourself just how good our research team is?  Call us at 1-888-406-2524 to book a free demonstration and we’ll show you how to identify new funding prospects efficiently and effectively.

Opportunity Watch: Private Foundations Galore!

Did you know that Fundtracker includes 726,000 foundation gifts?  And that in 2011, over 1,500 foundations donated $100,000 or more in a single gift?  This week in Opportunity Watch, we’re sharing upcoming deadlines from private foundations across the country.

The Youssef-Warren Foundation is a family foundation that support the arts, conservation efforts and healthcare.   Based in Ontario, they fund non-profits located throughout Canada.  Consult their website for the application form, which must be submitted by June 30th.

Incorporated in 1951, The Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodword’s Foundation supports the health of British Columbians.  Their main priority is funding medical equipment for hospitals and other clinical settings that directly impact the care offered to patients.  They do not fund equipment related to medical research but will on occasion consider support for special health-related projects.   Applications are due in mid-July.

The Carolyn Sifton Foundation supports charities located in Winnipeg, Toronto and Brockville, Ontario.   Their main focus is youth-at-risk but they will also support exceptional projects outside of that mandate if they have been identified by a board member.  Letters of intent are due July 31stIf the Foundation decides it wants to know more about your project, a full proposal will be due September 30th.

Created in 2006 by businessman Peter Munk and his wife Melanie, the Aurea Foundation supports registered non-profits implicated in public policy issues.  Newly created organizations that require start-up or matching funding, existing organizations whose funding sources have been withdrawn/reduced or those wishing to expand their activities should consult the website for a full list of the policy areas the Foundation supports.  Letters of intent are accepted until August 15th .

If the foundations above aren’t active in your sector, why not sign up for a free trial of Fundtracker?  You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to identify new corporate, foundation and government granting opportunities.