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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Fundtracker Pro: by the numbers

We say that Fundtracker Pro has more funders, more gifts, more names.  Here’s the proof:

  • Over 1.5 million gifts & grants worth $57 billion
  • Profiles of every Canadian foundation (over 10,000) – including the 70% of those that do not maintain a web presence
    • Details on the over 1,800 foundations that donated $100,000 or more in a single gift in 2012
  • Over 1,000 corporate funders  & over 100,000 gifts made by corporations
    • Over 7,300 corporate gifts made in 2012
  • Over 770 federal and provincial government granting programs for charities
    • Over 150,000 previously awarded government grants


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Team Ajah’s favorites features

There are several former fundraisers working behind the scenes at Ajah, so when they got their first glimpse of the new Pro in late 2013, they were pretty excited.   We asked them to pick two favorite features in new Pro – and their answers were unanimous!

  • Gifts map: this new feature is incorporated within corporate and foundation profiles.  Let’s face it, it can be difficult to figure out if a funder is active in your province or town if you’re reviewing a profile that contains hundreds or thousands of previous gifts.  Funders may also say they grant province-wide, but in reality, focus their giving in one city.  The reverse is also true! By clicking on Fundtracker Pro’s new gift map, you can quickly see the geographic areas a funder is most active in – and also see which charities in each city received gifts.   It’s a quick and easy way to identify trends for each funder and to see how active they are in your region;

    new pro_map_detail

    click to enlarge map detail


  • Gifts search: Curious about which funders are active in your town or sector?  Or planning a capital campaign? Found under the “Gifts” tab, the gift search feature is a reverse search feature.  It enables you to view all gifts – regardless of the funders stated preferences – and then sort by a variety of filters, including size and date.  This is an easy way to identify the funders of charities in your town are, or who the largest funders in your sector are.  The Gifts Search feature is also a great way to identify funders who are stepping outside of their funding preferences as it simply tracks gifts made, without tracking the preferences.

Do you have a favorite feature in Fundtracker Pro?  Tell us about it via twitter @team_ajah or email us at !

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Using Fundtracker Pro’s competitive analysis tools to your advantage

It’s becoming more difficult to identify new prospects in today’s competitive funding environment.  Larger corporate funders are creating corporate social responsibility policies that serve their corporate identity, while foundations (many of whom rely on endowments) are feeling the economic pinch.   To make it a bit more difficult, corporations and foundations will sometimes fund outside their stated mandates or decide to limit their giving to very specific causes within a much larger sector.

An easy way to identify new prospects for your organization is to take advantage of Fundtracker Pro’s unique competitive analysis tools, which helps you quickly view all funders of charities similar to yours.

msFundtracker Pro gives you two methods to do this: by either typing all or part of a charity’s name in the organization name search (also known as the omni search) or, if you would prefer to cast a broad search for charities, click on the ‘charities’ tab in Fundtracker Pro.   You can then search for charities based on sector/subsector, provinces or cities/towns and then filter your results by additional criteria like “has a corporate funder”.

Pro includes profiles of every Canadian charity – and their funders.  So when you look at a charity’s funders – corporate, foundation and the government grants they have received, it’s a shortcut to identifying funders that will support your organization.  After all, if they are supporting an organization with a mission and goals similar to yours, it’s a pretty good sign that they might be interested in supporting your charity.

The competitive analysis also goes beyond just gifts, including a breakdown of the types of fundraising activities the charity is engaged in and a graph showing you exactly how the organization is funded. Click to download a sample profile.

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Why all the fuss about corporate funding profiles?

Fundtracker and Fundtracker Pro already had the most information available on corporate funders – something our clients really appreciated.  So when we starting thinking about redesigning Fundtracker Pro, we decided to answer the call from our clients to provide more information on corporate funding opportunities. While we use automated processes to ensure that foundation and charity profiles are updated regularly, our corporate profiles are created and maintained by our in-house research team, which was expanded to five people this year.   They are responsible for creating and updating the 1,165 corporate profiles our users now have access to.

click to enlarge

Relying on annual reports, CSR statements, corporate websites, previous donations to charities and a dash of common sense, our researchers created profiles for each of these corporations that are precisely detailed.  It’s not enough to just share a list of previous donations – our researchers have gone beyond the numbers to create profiles that help you understand exactly who the funder is and what drives their giving decisions.   This extra attention to our corporate funding profiles helps you determine their viability as a prospect for your organization quickly. The corporate gifts found in Pro currently number over 100,000 and continue to grow.  Over 80% of those gifts are linked to the profile of the recipient charity.  Why do we do that?  Quickly accessing the profile of a recipient charity allows you to build a deeper understanding of exactly what the funder supports – and helps you make an informed decision about each prospective funder. We plan on continuing to add to the corporate information in Pro, so keep an eye out for future blog posts or newsletters for updates.

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Introducing new Fundtracker Pro!

We’ve hinted that we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and now we can finally share the news: an all new Fundtracker Pro has been launched!

Completely redesigned, Fundtracker Pro now includes giving profiles of over 1,000 Canadian corporations – and over 100,000 corporate gifts, as well as profiles of every Canadian foundation.  We’ve also got you covered on the competitive information side as well, with detailed profiles of every Canadian charity – and their funders.

Want to learn more?  Visit the features page on our new website or take a minute to watch this short video!   

If you’re a current Fundtracker or Fundtracker Pro client, you should have received an email explaining how the changes affect you directly.  If you haven’t received an email or want more information, contact us directly at  You can also call us at 1-888-406-2524 to speak to the Regional Account Manager in your area.

If you’re not a Fundtracker Pro client, what are you waiting for?  Contact us at and we’ll show you how easy it is to raise more money in less time with Fundtracker Pro!


Ajah co-presenting Open Data for International Development

We’ve been a little silent on the blog lately because we’re just putting the finishing touches on a big announcement in regards to Fundtracker.  We’ve been busy behind the scenes though on several fronts, including in our work in the open data community and aid transparency.

Ajah’s CEO Michael Lenczner is a big fan of open data.  He’s even been invited to present at several Open Data conferences across the world in the last year.  So we’re happy to tell you a bit about this week’s Open Data for International Development meetup in Montreal that we’re co-presenting with Groupsia and Open North.

Joni Hillman from Development Initiatives in the UK will be in Montreal this coming Friday evening to talk about the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) as well as the upcoming international IATI meeting to be held in Montreal.   Also in attendance will be Yohanna Loucheur from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), who will discuss Aid Transparency in Canada.

The event is Friday, December 13th from 6pm to 8pm at Station C in Montreal.  Click here for information or to register.