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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Ajah is hiring a Head of Sales

For the last four years, our team has been developing and providing the non-profit sector with better tools to understand the fundraising landscape in Canada. While the founding team has strong engineering and product management skills and a deep understanding of the problems faced by the non-profit sector, we always knew we were missing expertise in sales and marketing. That was fine initially, because we wanted to build a winning product before investing heavily in sales.

Given that we have had three consecutive years of triple digit revenue growth, that our customers love us, and that we keep winning business away from the competition, we feel that Fundtracker is now clearly recognized as the best prospect research tool in Canada. We now want to focus on getting our product into as many hands as possible.

We are hiring a Head of Sales to join the management team for the next stage of Ajah’s growth. Check out the job description here and feel free to forward the link to anyone you think might be interested in this great opportunity.

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Opportunity Watch: Funding Local Communities

Ajah’s opportunity watch is back.  This week we are looking at community foundations.We have narrowed down a few foundations across Canada that empower charities and organizations located in their areas and improve the quality of life of their citizens.

We begin with the Kenora & Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation which has donated over 150 000$ in 2012 to various community centers and organizations that support health, environment and the arts among other services in that region. This foundation enables efficient use of community resources and addresses root causes of issues in order to maximise the social benefits of its grants. The first semi-annual deadline is February 28.

If you are living in the North Caribou region in British Colombia, the Quesnel Community Foundation should be of interest to you. It began its operations in 2001 and it has provided funding for a wide range of community needs, such as education, the arts and social programs. There is an application deadline coming up on  February 19. Visit their website  for more information.

The Interlake Community Foundation in Manitoba also provides funding for a wide range of community needs in its region. This foundation, like the others above, is helping improve and strengthen the community in question as a whole, instead of focusing on a specific sector. Their annual application deadline is approaching on February 28.

If you call Calgary your home, take a look at the mighty Calgary Foundation. It supports a wide range of organizations from those that are well-established to grassroots resident led-projects in all parts of the charitable sector.  Since the devastating Southern Alberta Floods of June 2013, The Calgary Foundation created the Flood Rebuilding Fund, which supports qualified organizations in long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts. For more details and for a list of project grants, visit them online . The deadline for community grants is February 15.

The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation covers three hundred communities and seven cities. Three different grant streams from the foundation focus on different social needs like education and social services. Over the years the foundation has awarded grants equally among the organizations and charities that focus in different sectors. The deadline for the Moffat Family Fund  is February 28.

Community foundations work as catalysts of positive changes in a community. We hope you liked this brief glimpse into some amazing opportunities offered by them.  No matter where your charity is based, you can contact us at  or at 1. 888.406.2524 and we will provide you with a free demo of Fundtracker Pro to help your charity to find  the best funding opportunities.