Our Approach

Better research

Five full-time researchers work for us – and for you – creating funder profiles that are in-depth and complete.

More up-to-date

Our unique processes ensure that Fundtracker Pro’s data is constantly up-dated.

More opportunities

More opportunities make it easier to identify funders inside and outside of your sector.

Diversified funding

Too many non-profit organizations rely on a sole funder and exist in a constant fear of shutting down.  Fundtracker makes it easy to approach a variety of funders to create a healthier and more stable organization.

Follow the Money

Fundtracker Pro is the only prospect research tool that makes it easy to look at the previous funders of other charities, helping you identify funders you may have missed if you’re using the traditional methods of searching.


Fundraising & Prospect Research Meet Data

We are a Montreal-based software company that builds tools that the Canadian non-profit sector needs. We combine open and public data with our own research to help funders and non-profits better understand the patterns, and specifically the risks and opportunities in their funding environment. The founders of Ajah have backgrounds in community development, software development and web entrepreneurship. We have an established record of developing easy-to-use, innovative software for the community sector.

With advisors from Canada, the USA and the UK, our non-profit initiative, PoweredbyData, helps stakeholders collect and publish transactional, contextual and impact data about the non-profit sector that is open and interoperable.

Our Team

Michael Lenczner
Michael LencznerCEO
Michael Lenczner has fifteen years of experience in the non-profit sector. He has held varying positions including outreach for the prevention of sexual assault, job training for teenage mothers, coordinating community-academic research collaborations, promoting youth engagement, and building capacity of non-profits overseas. Michael co-founded Ile Sans Fil, Civic Access, and Montreal Ouvert and he currently serves on the boards of Apathy is Boring, Ile Sans Fil and is a trustee of Montreal’s Awesome Foundation.
Daniel Drouet
Daniel DrouetVice President
Daniel is an engineer whose work bridges the worlds of technology and business. In addition to working at Ajah, he is also a partner at Montreal Start Up, a venture capital firm that invests in innovative start-ups in the Web, mobile and media spaces. He regularly advises start-ups and is often invited to speak about entrepreneurship and small business financing.
Nicolas Cadou
Nicolas CadouChief Technology Officer
With over 15 years experience in system administration, database architecture, business tool integration and enterprise application development, Nic is Ajah’s technical lead. He has extensive experience developing for the Web in PHP and Python. Nicolas enjoys combining technology and ecology and is a sustainable living enthusiast.
Jesse Bourns
Jesse BournsOperations & Special Projects
An Alberta transplant, Jesse has extensive experience in managing tech-related projects, website design and is an Innoweave Cloud Computing Coach. Jesse is Ajah’s Project Manager and concentrates on coordinating, implementing and designing tools, applications and other projects for our clients. An avid cyclist, Jesse founded the not-for-profit bike collective La Cave, which teaches cyclists how to repair their own bikes. Jesse has also served as a fundraiser for a community sporting centre and is currently the Vice-President of the Montreal Hard Court Bike Polo Association.
Enoch Lee
Enoch LeeDirector of Sales
Born and raised in Montreal, Enoch is a sales professional with 15 years of sales and management experience in the tech industry. Enoch is now head of sales for Ajah and will spearhead the growth of Fundtracker Pro. He will provide the structure and strategic planning for all sales activities for Ajah. When he’s not selling Fundtracker, he is an avid fisherman, who loves to cook and travel.
Mathieu Leduc-Hamel
Mathieu Leduc-HamelSenior Developer
Mathieu is one of Ajah’s senior developers. Born and raised in Montreal, he is the current President of Montreal-Python with ten years of experience as a developer. Over the course of his career, he has worked in France and Canada on projects from internal customer management software to animation. His passions include opensource software and baking bread.
Irene McIntosh
Irene McIntoshRegional Account Manager/Fundraising Advisor: Ontario North and East
A veteran of the publishing industry, Irene has more than 20 years experience providing clients with business solutions. She is an effective communicator with flexible writing skills, knows how to ask the right questions and listen to the answers, and has a passion for research. By shifting career focus to help the non-profit sector, Irene sees this as the ideal complement to a life-long history of volunteering.