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Launched! A new landscape tool to help the sector find out who is doing what

We’re excited to present a new tool that we have built with support from Community Foundations Canada and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We presented the tool during a session at the CKX summit yesterday, and now we are releasing it as a free publicly available resource.

The tool is for everyone who needs to find out who is doing what in their geographic or issue area. We’ve collected data from multiple funders on the projects they are supporting, and presented it in a interface that can be searched by keyword, city, province and other criteria. Do you want to know what youth projects are happening in your region? Or find out who is focused on capacity? You can use the tool to answer those questions.


We wanted to give the sector access to information they could use for landscape mapping, and we expect it to help increase collaboration by helping organizations find similar projects, as well as help reduce duplication of effort in the sector.

We also wanted to show funders the importance and value of their grantmaking data — this information is manually gathered from multiple sources, and it only becomes truly useful when it can be gathered and presented together. If funders can share their grant-making data in a standard way, then tools like this can be easily built and the sector as a whole benefits.

We hope to continue to add data sources to the tool and adding new features it, so keep checking in and using it.

You can see the tool here:

We are excited to talk about different applications for this data, so don’t hesitate to touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

Ajah’s non-profit initiative PoweredbyData named one of top innovations in global philanthropy

We are very proud that are non-profit initiative PoweredbyData> has been named as one of the top ten innovations in global philanthropy by NPC in the UK. You can read more about in the NPC press release, as well as access the report. It’s exciting to see our work being recognized, and we even more excited to keep working on our projects.

A new report from think tank NPC recommends 10 philanthropic innovations from around the globe. ‘New and improved’ philanthropy could be introduced to the UK to drive up investment in social causes and make better use of money already invested.

Published today (8 October) 10 innovations in global philanthropy examines top philanthropic trends from across the world, and highlights new ideas and initiatives from across Europe, Australasia and the Americas. Each is recommended for adoption or expansion in the UK, to help philanthropists and foundations keep pace with demand for their funds.

In addition, we have been trying to get Canada’s leadership in this area recognized, and we are glad to see it included in the report:

The UK and Canada are leading the way in open data. The Canada Revenue Agency collects and publishes detailed financial, HR, and activity-level information about Canadian charities annually, and makes it available in machine-readable and manipulable format. This makes it easier for companies like Ajah—experts in open and ‘big’ data—to integrate it with other data streams to share information on the non-profit sector.

That CRA data was one of the datasets that we lobbied to have released, and it’s a key block of the non profit open data stack. Stay tuned for more information on that.

You can read the rest of the press release on the NPC site.
You can read the full report here.


Ajah’s PoweredbyData at Transparency Camp and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Our non-profit arm, PoweredbyData, recently took a trip to the US to host a discussion at Transparency Camp in Washington, DC, and attend a workshop hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the members of the Markets for Good community.

You can read more about the two events and what PoweredbyData presented over at the initiative’s website:

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Ajah Launches Non-Profit Initiative, PoweredbyData

Montreal, April 8, 2014 – Ajah announced today the launch of a non-profit initiative called PoweredbyData. With the goal of improving the functioning of the philanthropic funders and nonprofits by increasing the availability of useful data, the initiative is led and advised by experts in the domains of open data, standards development, and grant-making from across Canada, the USA, and the UK. This initiative responds to the need for better information in the non-profit sector.

Hilary Pearson, President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC), explains “Canadian foundations are looking for initiatives with impact, non-profits face the challenge of communicating their work more effectively, and governments are seeking evidence of effectiveness on the ground in order to support innovation in service delivery. The foundation sector is looking forward to the contribution of PoweredbyData to our understanding of philanthropic data, including better measures of impact.”

PoweredbyData will work predominantly with funders and government regulators to increase the supply of standard, interoperable, and open data about the sector and its impacts. “In creating our commercial services, we developed an expertise in transforming previously unused public data into innovative and useful tools for funders and fundraisers. Now, we’re looking forward to applying that expertise to the rest of the sector in areas with the potential for tremendous social impact, but no commercial opportunities, such as developing new standards and educating stakeholders to publish open data” explains Michael Lenczner, CEO of Ajah.

Recognized philanthropy and data expert, as well as author of the influential annual forecast Blueprint, Lucy Bernholz, adds, “In the United States, we are working to get access to the data that is currently available in Canada, and other countries are even farther behind. More and better data is essential to improve the functioning of the non-profit sector and I’m excited for PoweredbyData to bring those practices to the rest of the world.”

About Ajah
Launched in 2010, Ajah is a Montreal-based company providing leading edge online services to the non-profit sector. Their flagship product, Fundtracker, transforms open and public data into actionable intelligence for fundraisers.

For more information please visit or contact:
Michael Lenczner

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