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Opportunity watch: Economic Development funding

Welcome to another edition of Ajah’s opportunity watch. This week we are looking at a few funders who promote economic development – specifically two government programs and a credit union to see how they can encourage economic opportunities in the communities they serve.

In Quebec the government put in place the ClimatSol program. Projects admissible for this program are meant to not only stimulate the economy but also to ameliorate the environment and reduce carbon gas emissions. Both organizations and individuals can apply for funding to the provincial government who has set 60 million dollars aside until March 2015. This program not only seeks to create jobs but the jobs created will help foster sustainable practices.

In Newfoundland and Labrador you can find the Cultural Economic Development Program which helps professional arts organizations stimulate sustainable economic development of the Province’s cultural resources. The program helps promote self-sustaining art activities, mainly in the cultural tourism industry and by doing so provides financial assistance to individual artists. The deadline for sector-based organizations is coming up on April 18, although small performance series can apply year round.

Finally, Affinity Credit Union, which has has over 40 branches in Saskatchewab, sponsors community groups, charities and organizations that require funding for various events, projects, and programs. Their aim is to contribute to community sustainability and stronger local economies by supporting initiatives that promote self-reliant approaches to community economic development. They fund a variety of projects including those related to health, social services, education, the arts and the environment.  The deadline for Community Development Funding is September 30, while sponsorships are available year round.

That is it for this week. We can help you find many more funders in your region with Fundtracker Pro if you need funding for economic development projects. To find out more you can contact us for a demo.

Opportunity Watch: Aboriginal and Metis funding

Ajah’s opportunity watch is taking a quick look at funders that support Aboriginal and Metis peoples around the country this week. All of these founders emphasise the importance of preserving and transmitting the culture and knowledge of native peoples.

In the east we have the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Program supported by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador.  This government program invites both cultural organizations and professionals to apply for funding and the deadline is approaching fast, on April 15. The advisory committee is made up of various native community representatives including Innu, Inuit, Mi’kmaq and Metis.

In Saskatchewan we found two programs offered by the SaskCulture, a non-profit, community based organization. The first is The Aboriginal Arts & Culture Leadership Grant  and it supports arts and cultural leaders within the Aboriginal communities.  The grant is available for First Nations bands or for schools that have a cultural mandate. The deadline to apply is April 15 as well.

As for the Metis communities in Saskatchewan, we found the Métis Cultural DevelopmentFund another program of SaskCulture. This fund encourages sharing, learning and celebrating the Metis culture of community groups in the province. It provides support to cultural organizations in areas not typically funded by conventional systems mainly looking to benefit children through skill development and mentorship. The next semi-annual deadline to apply is April 30!

That’s it for this week folks! There are many more governmental programs and organizations to be found on Fundtracker.  Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Opportunity Watch: Funding Local Communities

Ajah’s opportunity watch is back.  This week we are looking at community foundations.We have narrowed down a few foundations across Canada that empower charities and organizations located in their areas and improve the quality of life of their citizens.

We begin with the Kenora & Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation which has donated over 150 000$ in 2012 to various community centers and organizations that support health, environment and the arts among other services in that region. This foundation enables efficient use of community resources and addresses root causes of issues in order to maximise the social benefits of its grants. The first semi-annual deadline is February 28.

If you are living in the North Caribou region in British Colombia, the Quesnel Community Foundation should be of interest to you. It began its operations in 2001 and it has provided funding for a wide range of community needs, such as education, the arts and social programs. There is an application deadline coming up on  February 19. Visit their website  for more information.

The Interlake Community Foundation in Manitoba also provides funding for a wide range of community needs in its region. This foundation, like the others above, is helping improve and strengthen the community in question as a whole, instead of focusing on a specific sector. Their annual application deadline is approaching on February 28.

If you call Calgary your home, take a look at the mighty Calgary Foundation. It supports a wide range of organizations from those that are well-established to grassroots resident led-projects in all parts of the charitable sector.  Since the devastating Southern Alberta Floods of June 2013, The Calgary Foundation created the Flood Rebuilding Fund, which supports qualified organizations in long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts. For more details and for a list of project grants, visit them online . The deadline for community grants is February 15.

The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation covers three hundred communities and seven cities. Three different grant streams from the foundation focus on different social needs like education and social services. Over the years the foundation has awarded grants equally among the organizations and charities that focus in different sectors. The deadline for the Moffat Family Fund  is February 28.

Community foundations work as catalysts of positive changes in a community. We hope you liked this brief glimpse into some amazing opportunities offered by them.  No matter where your charity is based, you can contact us at  or at 1. 888.406.2524 and we will provide you with a free demo of Fundtracker Pro to help your charity to find  the best funding opportunities.

Introducing new Fundtracker Pro!

We’ve hinted that we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and now we can finally share the news: an all new Fundtracker Pro has been launched!

Completely redesigned, Fundtracker Pro now includes giving profiles of over 1,000 Canadian corporations – and over 100,000 corporate gifts, as well as profiles of every Canadian foundation.  We’ve also got you covered on the competitive information side as well, with detailed profiles of every Canadian charity – and their funders.

Want to learn more?  Visit the features page on our new website or take a minute to watch this short video!   

If you’re a current Fundtracker or Fundtracker Pro client, you should have received an email explaining how the changes affect you directly.  If you haven’t received an email or want more information, contact us directly at  You can also call us at 1-888-406-2524 to speak to the Regional Account Manager in your area.

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Opportunity Watch: Funding Ontario

Last week, we explored funding opportunities for charities located in the GTA.  This week, we’re sharing funding opportunities for the charities located elsewhere in the province.   Not in Ontario?  Not a problem?  Skip down to the end of the blog for our phone number to schedule a demo for your charity!

Each week, we use Fundtracker’s custom filters to identify the opportunities we share with you.  In this week’s search, we looked for funders in Ontario and applied the filter that allowed us to exclude out-of-province funders.  This resulted in the profiles of almost 3,600 foundation and corporate funders!   If that’s too many choices to weed through, Fundtracker lets you apply more than 10 filters to your search, to help you really narrow down the right funders for your organization.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region supports programs and projects in that region with a particular focus on Catholic education. Approximately 37% of the funds they have disbursed over the last five years have supported community organizations in the region – over $2 million since their inception. Grant applications are reviewed twice annually, in spring and fall, and approximately $55,000 is dispersed in each funding cycle.   Some of their previous recipients include the Hospice of Waterloo, the CNIB and KidsLink.  Visit their website for more information on applying for a grant, as well as an application form.

Thunder Bay Hydro is a locally-owned utility who will consider sponsorship or donation requests from charities that operate within the city limits of Thunder Bay.  Their area of focus includes safety, the environment, energy-related education, and community-based initiatives that benefit local people and improve the quality of life for residents. Requests are considered quarterly and must be received before the end of the previous quarter to be considered.  Their website spells out exactly what should be included in your request and includes a link for the application form.

Next, we decided to create a very specific search.  We asked Fundtracker to identify foundations who fund the education (general) sector, with a target population of children/youth, the funding region had to include Ottawa and we excluded non-grant-making foundations and those located out of province.  Phew!  The Maurice Price Foundation was one of the interesting funders that resulted from that search.  The Foundation concentrates on helping young people reach their full educational potential and its mandate is education in the broadest sense, from preparing disadvantaged preschool children to enter the educational system, to enhancing the University experience in selected programs.   Applications are accepted year-round and you can download the application guidelines.  While they do give some small grants nationally and in other provinces, we can see from their Fundtracker granting history that the majority of their grants have supported charities in Ontario.

That’s it for this week, folks.  If you’re in Ontario – or anywhere else in the country – why not give us a call at 1-888-406-2524 or email us at to book a free demo of Fundtracker?  We’ll show you how easy it is to create a targeted prospect list for your charity using our advanced filters.










Opportunity Watch: Funding the GTA

Love it or hate it, Toronto is undeniably one of Canada’s most diverse cities, with a vibrant and active charitable sector. It is also home to some of Canada’s most generous funders.  This week, we’re sharing funding opportunities with an eye on the Greater Toronto Area.

The Community One Foundation (formerly the Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal of Toronto) has raised more than $2 million to fund over a thousand community-based projects.  Their Rainbow Grants program fosters new and innovative services and programs for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, instersexed, queer, questioning, and 2-spirited (LGBTTIQQ2S) community in the GTA, in the areas of health & social sciences, arts & culture,and research, education & advocacy.  Grants are made to projects that will have a demonstrable impact on the broader community.  There are three different categories of Rainbow Grants available, each with its own funding criteria and application form.  The funding window will open in January 2014, with a February deadline.  Visit their website to begin preparing your application and to consult a list of previously funded projects.

Gift map, showing the recipient location for grants from the Metcalf Foundation.  Click to enlarge.

The George Cedric Metcalf Foundation(also known as the Metcalf Foundation) focuses its grantmaking in three specific areas: sustaining the vibrancy of the professional performing arts, harnessing the benefits of living within the Earth’s environmental limits, and improving low-income peoples’ economic livelihoods and access to quality jobs.  Within their Performing Arts granting envelope,  they will be accepting letters of intent until December 9th.   In addition to being a registered charity, applicants must be professional theatre, dance, music, or opera companies located in the City of Toronto and who have been in operation for at least three years.  Grants may be requested for a maximum of $75,000 per year for up to a three-year period.  Visit their website for guidelines and to register for a webinar on October 18th on how to prepare your letter of intent.

The Vital Ideas program of the Toronto Community Foundation is accepting grant applications until October 30th.   Vital Ideas grants support strategic activities that help make the impact of an already high-impact program or organization more sustainable. These grants are not program funding.  Instead, they are capacity-building grants to be used to increase the effectiveness of a program or organization and to position it for even greater impact in the future.  CRA-registered charities, located in the City of Toronto, and whose work directly benefits the quality of life of Toronto residents are eligible to apply. Visit the Foundation’s website for additional guidelines regarding eligibility.

If you haven’t already done so, you should definitely check out Toronto’s Vital Signs report.  Released on October 1st, it’s a snapshot of the trends and issues affecting the quality of life in the GTA.

We identified these funding sources using Fundtracker Pro’s advanced search filters.   In the GTA and want to know more?  Why not give Dani Mailing a shout, either at or at 1.888.406.2524, ext. 7.  Dani can set you up with a free Fundtracker demo.  If you’re not in Toronto, email us at and we’ll direct you to the account manager for your region.



Opportunity Watch: Manitoba

This week, Opportunity Watch is visiting Manitoba, the final stop in our trek through the Prairies.  Home to the Great Grey Owl, the beautiful crocus and the white spruce, let’s take a look at some of the funding opportunities available for charities in this province.

The Killarney Foundation has granted almost $2 million to local charities since its inception in 1979.   Grants are made twice a year, in April and October, to CRA-registered charities that operate in the Killarney area.  Grants must support local needs and interests, which include, but are not limited to, the arts, cultural activities, heritage programs, health, education, scholarships, seniors’ services, social programs and youth activities.   Visit their website for more information.

The Morden Area Foundation was formed in 1993 by a group of community-minded citizens to meet a broad range of social, health, heritage, sport and recreational, educational and environmental priorities in Morden and the surrounding area.  Funded through an endowment of over $1.2 million, they have granted over $700,000 to local organizations.  They will consider funding equipment, conferences or special events, renovations or new building construction.  They will also consider offering short-term operating support, to allow organizations time to establish regular operating support.  Visit their website for more details and the online application form.

Canad Inns is Manitoba’s largest hotel chain and focuses its corporate giving in the communities where its employees live and work: Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage la Prairie and Grand Forks.   They have previously supported the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Habitat for Humanity.   Requests for support are reviewed throughout the year – all requests, however, must be submitted via their website.  Visit them for more details.

That’s it for this week!  Enjoy your long-weekend and we’ll be back next week with more helpful hints.  In the meantime, why not schedule a free demo of Fundtracker for your non-profit?  Our fundraising advisors can share strategies and Fundtracker tips that will kickstart your fundraising efforts.  Give them a call at 1-888-406-2524 or email us at





Opportunity Watch: Funding Canada’s Wheat Province

Opportunity Watch continues its meander across the country with a stop in Saskatchewan.  Known as Canada’s Breadbasket, the province is home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders – and what are arguably the country’s most enthusiastic football fans.   This week we’re looking at funding opportunities for the over 4000 charities located in Saskatchewan.

Community-based foundations are always a great source of funding for charities across Canada and Saskatchewan is no different, with no less than six Community Foundations in the province.  If your charity is located in the southern end of the province, the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation is for you.  They administer three different granting programs, with separate guidelines and deadlines.   Charities in Saskatoon have access to to nine different funds through the Saskatoon Community Foundation.  Visit their website for deadlines and information on their different programs.   Consult the Community Foundations of Canada website for contact information for the other Saskatchewan-based Foundations, as well as those located elsewhere in Canada.

Among corporate funders based in the province,  SaskTel has developed a comprehensive community investment program which responds to the sponsorship requests of Saskatchewan’s non-profit and charitable organizations. The program provides broad support to all communities, along with a focus on activities linked to technology, diversity, youth, and rural life.  In addition to funding, in-kind support such as the loan of phones during events may also be considered.   Interested? Review the eligibility requirements and apply online.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Partnership Project offer a joint Community Grants Program for Traffic Safety and Injury Prevention Projects. Their goal is to enable community groups to establish, enhance and deliver programs that address safety issues in their communities. SGI and ABI will provide support and guidance in identifying priorities and in the development and implementation of any of these initiatives.  Proposals must include a well defined action plan, and involve various community groups or members and focus on community safety education or awareness, among other things.  A total of $100,000 a year is available; upcoming deadlines to apply are October 31st and February 28th.  Visit their website for further details on applying.

That’s it for this week.  If your charity is based in Saskatchewan, why not contact Erika Jahn for a free Fundtracker demo to find out how we can help you identify even more prospects?  Erika can be reached at 1-888-406-2524, ext. 6 or via email at  Not in the Prairies?  Email us at and we’ll introduce you to one of our regional account reps!

Have a great week and good luck with your fundraising efforts.


Opportunity Watch: Funding Sunny Alberta

Moving on from last week’s look at funding opportunities available in the North, this week we’re taking a peek at some granting opportunities available for charities in Wild Rose country: Alberta!

Registered charities working in the areas of education, health and wellness in Northern and Central Alberta should consider the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation. Founded in 2001, the Foundation grants in excess of $1 million each year to local charities.  The Foundation considers requests for in-kind donations of memorabilia all year long, but requests must be made in writing and at least six weeks in advance. Requests for project funding are considered by the Foundation’s board twice a year: November 1 for requests under $5,000 or April 1 for requests over $5,000.  Visit their website for a full listing of what you should include in your proposal.

The Burns Memorial Fund provides grants to Calgary agencies working with low-income children and youth (under 21 years of age) in the areas of health, education and recreation. Applicants must be registered charities. Funded programs must align with at least one of the following three goals:  access to optimal health care, school success and/or developing potential through recreational activities.  Most Community Grants are under $15,000 and usually support one-time projects, program supplies, seed or start-up activities, capital costs and other similar endeavors. The Fund occasionally makes multi-year commitments to small start-up projects.  There are two grant deadlines: the second Friday of May and the second Friday of October, although time-sensitive applications may be accepted throughout the year. You must contact the organization prior to submission.

Headquartered in Calgary, Husky Energy one of Canada’s largest integrated energy and energy-related companies.  Husky supports registered non-profits active in the areas of health, education or community initiatives.  Programs should benefit a wide cross-selection of recipients and be in the communities that Husky has a business presence in.  Applications are accepted year-round.  Visit their website for further details and to fill in the on-line application form.

That’s it for this week, folks!  Interested in how Fundtracker could help your organization boost its fundraising efforts?  Tweet our Prairies fundraising advisor Erika Jahn or call her at 1-888-406-2524, ext. 6 for a Fundtracker demonstration.  Not in Alberta? Not a problem!  Email and we’ll set you up for a free demo of Fundtracker.






Fundtracker client profile: AboutFace

September is Facial Differences Awareness month, so what better way to kick off our new profiles of Fundtracker clients than by chatting with long-time client, AboutFace.

Over 10,000 babies are born each year in Canada with a facial defect and another 50,000 people acquire one through trauma or illness.  “Your face is what you present to the world, and it can be difficult when you are different,” says Anna Pileggi, AboutFace’s Executive Director.  “We are social animals and being facially different or have an unusual appearance in a society that idolizes beauty can weigh heavily on people. We support our clients with the psycho-social elements: things such as public awareness, mental health issues, educating kids in schools.”   Based in Toronto, the organization currently counts about 16,000 members nation-wide.

AboutFace counts on individual gifts, special events and grants to support their three main program areas: encouraging and supporting parents; empowering those with facial difference through youth camps, leadership training and skills development; and education programs that teach youth acceptance and understanding, in addition to a small scholarship program to support youth with their higher education.

Anna’s commitment to the organization radiates across the phone line.  “I love the people that we serve,” she says.  “I recently spoke to a mom of a child with a facial difference in Manitoba, and one of our camp participants. He has started acting and singing classes and has gained so much confidence through our programs.”

One of the challenges the organization faces in fundraising is that AboutFace serves a niche market and it’s not a popular or easy subject.  Anna turned to Ajah’s Fundtracker to identify new prospects for AboutFace.  “Fundtracker is a one-stop shop for us, identifying and exploring new funding opportunities and outreach for awareness building.  It’s really helping to open doors”.   More than a database, Fundtracker is a complete prospect research tool, with granting deadlines and previous granting history for thousands of foundation, corporate and government funders.

In the last quarter alone, Anna says that AboutFace sent out 35-40 grant applications or letters of introduction – opportunities she identified using Fundtracker.  The response from potential funders has been beyond their expectations, with an expected 20% increase in grants this year.

Visit AboutFace’s website for more information on their programming, including this year’s Camp Trailblazers, which will take place across the country in September and October.  And don’t forget to wear blue on September 27th, to show your support for Facial Difference Awareness month!