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Fundtracker Pro: by the numbers

We say that Fundtracker Pro has more funders, more gifts, more names.  Here’s the proof:

  • Over 1.5 million gifts & grants worth $57 billion
  • Profiles of every Canadian foundation (over 10,000) – including the 70% of those that do not maintain a web presence
    • Details on the over 1,800 foundations that donated $100,000 or more in a single gift in 2012
  • Over 1,000 corporate funders  & over 100,000 gifts made by corporations
    • Over 7,300 corporate gifts made in 2012
  • Over 770 federal and provincial government granting programs for charities
    • Over 150,000 previously awarded government grants


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Team Ajah’s favorites features

There are several former fundraisers working behind the scenes at Ajah, so when they got their first glimpse of the new Pro in late 2013, they were pretty excited.   We asked them to pick two favorite features in new Pro – and their answers were unanimous!

  • Gifts map: this new feature is incorporated within corporate and foundation profiles.  Let’s face it, it can be difficult to figure out if a funder is active in your province or town if you’re reviewing a profile that contains hundreds or thousands of previous gifts.  Funders may also say they grant province-wide, but in reality, focus their giving in one city.  The reverse is also true! By clicking on Fundtracker Pro’s new gift map, you can quickly see the geographic areas a funder is most active in – and also see which charities in each city received gifts.   It’s a quick and easy way to identify trends for each funder and to see how active they are in your region;

    new pro_map_detail

    click to enlarge map detail


  • Gifts search: Curious about which funders are active in your town or sector?  Or planning a capital campaign? Found under the “Gifts” tab, the gift search feature is a reverse search feature.  It enables you to view all gifts – regardless of the funders stated preferences – and then sort by a variety of filters, including size and date.  This is an easy way to identify the funders of charities in your town are, or who the largest funders in your sector are.  The Gifts Search feature is also a great way to identify funders who are stepping outside of their funding preferences as it simply tracks gifts made, without tracking the preferences.

Do you have a favorite feature in Fundtracker Pro?  Tell us about it via twitter @team_ajah or email us at !

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Using Fundtracker Pro’s competitive analysis tools to your advantage

It’s becoming more difficult to identify new prospects in today’s competitive funding environment.  Larger corporate funders are creating corporate social responsibility policies that serve their corporate identity, while foundations (many of whom rely on endowments) are feeling the economic pinch.   To make it a bit more difficult, corporations and foundations will sometimes fund outside their stated mandates or decide to limit their giving to very specific causes within a much larger sector.

An easy way to identify new prospects for your organization is to take advantage of Fundtracker Pro’s unique competitive analysis tools, which helps you quickly view all funders of charities similar to yours.

msFundtracker Pro gives you two methods to do this: by either typing all or part of a charity’s name in the organization name search (also known as the omni search) or, if you would prefer to cast a broad search for charities, click on the ‘charities’ tab in Fundtracker Pro.   You can then search for charities based on sector/subsector, provinces or cities/towns and then filter your results by additional criteria like “has a corporate funder”.

Pro includes profiles of every Canadian charity – and their funders.  So when you look at a charity’s funders – corporate, foundation and the government grants they have received, it’s a shortcut to identifying funders that will support your organization.  After all, if they are supporting an organization with a mission and goals similar to yours, it’s a pretty good sign that they might be interested in supporting your charity.

The competitive analysis also goes beyond just gifts, including a breakdown of the types of fundraising activities the charity is engaged in and a graph showing you exactly how the organization is funded. Click to download a sample profile.

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Why all the fuss about corporate funding profiles?

Fundtracker and Fundtracker Pro already had the most information available on corporate funders – something our clients really appreciated.  So when we starting thinking about redesigning Fundtracker Pro, we decided to answer the call from our clients to provide more information on corporate funding opportunities. While we use automated processes to ensure that foundation and charity profiles are updated regularly, our corporate profiles are created and maintained by our in-house research team, which was expanded to five people this year.   They are responsible for creating and updating the 1,165 corporate profiles our users now have access to.

click to enlarge

Relying on annual reports, CSR statements, corporate websites, previous donations to charities and a dash of common sense, our researchers created profiles for each of these corporations that are precisely detailed.  It’s not enough to just share a list of previous donations – our researchers have gone beyond the numbers to create profiles that help you understand exactly who the funder is and what drives their giving decisions.   This extra attention to our corporate funding profiles helps you determine their viability as a prospect for your organization quickly. The corporate gifts found in Pro currently number over 100,000 and continue to grow.  Over 80% of those gifts are linked to the profile of the recipient charity.  Why do we do that?  Quickly accessing the profile of a recipient charity allows you to build a deeper understanding of exactly what the funder supports – and helps you make an informed decision about each prospective funder. We plan on continuing to add to the corporate information in Pro, so keep an eye out for future blog posts or newsletters for updates.

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Introducing new Fundtracker Pro!

We’ve hinted that we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and now we can finally share the news: an all new Fundtracker Pro has been launched!

Completely redesigned, Fundtracker Pro now includes giving profiles of over 1,000 Canadian corporations – and over 100,000 corporate gifts, as well as profiles of every Canadian foundation.  We’ve also got you covered on the competitive information side as well, with detailed profiles of every Canadian charity – and their funders.

Want to learn more?  Visit the features page on our new website or take a minute to watch this short video!   

If you’re a current Fundtracker or Fundtracker Pro client, you should have received an email explaining how the changes affect you directly.  If you haven’t received an email or want more information, contact us directly at  You can also call us at 1-888-406-2524 to speak to the Regional Account Manager in your area.

If you’re not a Fundtracker Pro client, what are you waiting for?  Contact us at and we’ll show you how easy it is to raise more money in less time with Fundtracker Pro!


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New in Fundtracker: $5.7 Billion in Government Grants from British Columbia and Alberta!

We are very excited to announce that almost 150,000 government grants worth $5.7 billion have been added to Fundtracker with our most recent upgrade.

Fundtracker already included previously awarded grants made by the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, which helped non-profits in those provinces quickly identify programs under which they might be eligible for funding.   The new addition to our database specifically relates to grants made to non-profits through government programs in British Columbia and Alberta.

Fundtracker users in British Columbia are now able to streamline their research efforts by accessing historical information on 61,000 provincial grants, worth $1.7 billion and distributed to 15,800 organizations, while those in Alberta will be able to consult 88,500 provincial grants, worth about $4 billion and distributed to 24,000 organizations.

As always, whenever possible, we have linked the grants to the recipient charity, providing you with a full picture of the funding map and allowing you to find funders by reviewing organizations with missions similar to yours.

Fundtracker users in the four most populated Canadian provinces are able to easily search provincial government sources of funding and quickly identify programs under which they might qualify, as well as review government funding received by charities similar to their own.

The screen shot below details a sample search for a government funding program.  On this search, we have applied filters to exclude federal programs and indicated that we were looking for funding for the British Columbia Social Services (General) sector.

Click to enlarge image

The first program listed is the Community Gaming Grant.  Their record from Fundtracker is detailed in a screen shot below:

click to enlarge image


As we mentioned previously, we’ve linked grants made to the recipient charities whenever possible.  Clicking on the link for one of those recipients brings you directly to their record – enabling you to see who their government, corporate and foundation funders are.  For example, the Abbotsford Learning Plus Society received $8,000 in 2011 under the Community Gaming Grant program but also received funds from foundations, fundraising activities, memberships and sales:


click to enlarge image

Rather than searching for funders, you can also perform a search for non-profits who have received government funding, applying filters by sector, keyword or province (or any combination of the three).  You can then sort the list in several formats.  This can help you identify organizations with missions similar to yours that have received funding under government funding programs.  In the screen shot below, we have searched for charities in the Arts Sector (including all sub-sectors), located in British Columbia, and who have at least one government funder.  If you work for an Arts organization in BC, you now have a list of 275 organizations in that province have received at least one grant under a government funding program.  Reviewing these organizations and the programs they received funding under may help you identify new sources of funding for your own organization.

click to enlarge image


The Fundtracker team is happy to be supporting your research efforts through our innovative use and presentation of data.  We will continue to look for new ways to make you more efficient and help you raise more money.


New in Fundtracker: Corporate Donation Histories

Ajah’s database of previous grants and gifts was already the biggest and most comprehensive in Canada. Now, with the addition of 20,000 previous corporate gifts in Fundtracker, we’re happy to announce that we’re tracking grantmaking by all types of funders.  These new corporate giving histories enable you to accurately see which charities specific corporations have funded in the past, which corporations are active donors in specific sectors or even perform a reverse search to view the corporate funders of specific charities or sectors.

Why are corporate donation histories important and how will they help you?  Instead of having to guess about the likelihood of a prospect saying YES to your $10,000 request based on a sparsely detailed website, Fundtracker now provides you with a snapshot of the corporation’s granting history to better gauge the likelihood of success.  If they say that they prioritize education and health, but all of their grantees are religious organizations, then you can assume that they will continue that practice and decide whether or not it’s worth your time to apply.

Here are some examples of the new donation histories and tips on how to use them to assist you in finding prospects.

Search for a corporate prospect either by name, sector or geography.  Once you’ve identified a corporation you would like more information on, open up their record and scroll to the giving history.  The snapshot below is of TELUS Corporation’s giving history.  Note that we have included links to the charities they have supported in the past.  By reviewing the mandates of the organizations who have been previously supported, you’ll be able to ascertain if your organization is a good fit.

Detail of corporate gifts made by Telus Corporation.

In our TELUS Corporation example, one of the corporate gifts made was to The Nature Conservancy of Canada. If you were to click on the gift while in the TELUS profile,  your screen will look like the image below and you’ll see that The Nature Conservancy of Canada received 47 gifts from 10 different corporate donors.  If you work in the environmental sector, you have just quickly identified 10 corporate prospects who have a history of supporting charities with missions similar to yours.

Nature Conservancy of Canada – detail of record


You can also quickly locate corporate donors to a specific sector using the search field. On the search below, we looked for corporate funders to environmental charities, without filtering based on the size of the charity or the location.  When you click on the charity’s profile, you’ll see exactly who those corporate donors are.  By searching in this manner, you can quickly identify potential corporate funders in a specific sector or geographical location.


You told us that corporate giving was important to you, and we listened.  These changes have made it easier to locate corporations likely to support your mission,  making you more efficient and effective in your fundraising efforts.



Major Upgrades to Fundtracker!

We are very happy to announce that we have launched just launched the most ambitious upgrade to Fundtracker since it was first released in 2010. The new features are available today to all Fundtracker and Fundtracker PRO subscribers.

We’ve prepared individual blog posts about each of three new features:

  • Profile Freshness – each profile is now date-stamped so you know you’re seeing the most up-to-date information available.
  • Awarded Government Grants – We’ve always had the most complete database of government grants on the market; now we’re matching grants with the charities they are funding.
  • Complex searches – Power users have asked for more advanced search tools – now they have them.
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New Feature: Profile Freshness

One of new features in Fundtracker is called Profile Freshness. The concept is simple: every profile in Fundtracker now features an information box including two dates:

  1. the date changes were last made to a profile
  2. the date the information in a profile was last checked for accuracy.

Profiles in Fundtracker are updated on an ongoing basis as we automatically gather new data – Profile Freshness will help all Fundtracker subscribers know that profiles are up to date.

Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate what this new feature looks like (the red box highlights the Profile Freshness feature).

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